iSing – Online & Mobile Social network for Indian Music

Our latest work that has been keeping me busy for some time now,, a music based social networking platform for Indian audience available both online & mobile. Request a help from readers, please go through the site and help me improve it.  It is in early stage alpha , so expect many kinks but do send in your candid feedback/sugestions to me. ( rajan_AT_motvik _DOT_com)


20 thoughts on “iSing – Online & Mobile Social network for Indian Music

  1. Honest feedback – How many of the normal junta will actually use it? Isnt the target audience too skewed? A person like me who doesnt sing .. its kinda boring. Taking photos, creating videos … is comparatively easy than singing 🙂

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  4. socialtunes send there. theres quite a few people that are affiliated with the music industry, or know someone that is. I have quite a few people on my list if needs help 🙂

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